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Harborside Property Management LLC, provide property manager services throughout Pierce County and Central Puget Sound. We manage all types of commercial and residential properties but specialize on retail centers and office buildings. We offer many different service packages to suit the needs of every owner.

Financial Accounting and Reporting
Our software program offers a variety of accounting report options. This allows us to provide timely, accurate financial reporting in the format that best suits your specific needs.

Setting the Right Rental Rate
Here at Harborside Property Management we understand the dynamics of each segment of the market (Retail, Commercial and Office space) and, by using market comparables, can set and negotiate a rental lease rate that will ensure a balance between maximizing monthly income and maintaining a low vacancy rate.

Collecting Monthly Rent Payments on Time
We at Harborside Property know the importance of maintaining cash flow within your property. We have systems in place to effectively collect rent and maintain on-time payments.

Marketing and Advertising Your Commercial Property
Through years of experience, our property managers at Harborside know exactly when and where to advertise your property for rent so as to avoid those long term vacancies.

Finding the Right Commercial Lease Tenant
While serving as property managers for the Puget Sound area is our core function, we understand that leasing is an integral part of maximizing your investment. By using our in-house leasing staff we have the ability to attract new tenants and retain existing tenants. We are experts at finding good tenants and will take care of all of the details, including background checks, credit reports, financial statements and balance sheets for commercial office and retail tenants.

Managing Commercial Tenants
We regularly communicate with the tenants to build a positive Tenant-Landlord relationship to foster a trusting long term partnership.

Manage Vendor Relations
Our company has developed years of relationships with Gig Harbor area maintenance teams, tradesman, contractors, suppliers and vendors all to insure we get you the best work and the best price. We oversee all projects until they are completed to your satisfaction.

Tailored To Fit Your Needs
We will formulate a customized program to meet your specific requirements. From simply renting/leasing the vacant space in your property, to leasing, managing and maintaining your entire portfolio, we’re uniquely qualified to handle every aspect of your commercial/residential needs.

Maximizing the Profitability of Your Time
With Harborside Property Management, LLC taking care of the day-to-day aspects of running your income property, you’re free to spend more time with your family, travel or identify other investment properties. We are available to meet with you at any time, and our emergency phone is staffed 24 hours a day to allow us to take care of your property just as you would yourself.

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